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DV2019 CEAC Data

Data was obtained from the Consular Electronic Application Center of the U.S. Department of State. You can also download the current state of data in a form of csv file: FY2019-ceac-current.csv.
Numbers in the table correspond to the number of actual people/visas rather than cases.
Charts presented here serve merly as an interactive illustration of the CEAC data. For comprehensive analysis please refer to Simon's blog.
Please note that you can disable individual datasets by clicking on the legend.

DV2019 CEAC Data for Embassies

Please note that the range of case numbers on the following plot doesn't correspond to the range of the region where an embassy is located. There's a simple explanation: an assignement to embassies for DV winners is done per the place of residence, not the place of birth. In other words, it's possible for an embassy in EU to process people from e.g. AF or AS.

DV2019 Raw CEAC Data

A complete dump of the database made on a given date.
    You can use the following file: embassies.txt to map a 3-letter embassy code to a physical location of the embassy (City, Country).

    Second notification letters

    This is a subset of the whole database containing only cases that changed the status from "At NVC" to "Ready" when KCC sent 2NLs for interview in a given month. Files may be updated without a notice, until all "In Transit" cases are accepted by embassies.

    Since April 2018 KCC has started to send interview letters in two batches (the first one around the 15th of a given month and the second around the 1st of the following month. If you don't see your number in the latest csv file and you expect to be interview that month DO NOT PANIC! You may receive your invitation in the 2nd batch.

    Hall of Fame

    Huge thank you to all the marvelous people that helped to get this data!