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Current scraping run:
cases left to check (this number is updated every 30min). If you'd like to help with the scraping effort please see more info below.

Hall of Fame (DV2019)

How can I help with the scraping effort?

  1. Start by installing TamperMonkey either from Chrome Web Store (for Chrome) or Mozilla Addons (for Firefox).
  2. Heed the warning!

    Malicious scripts can violate your privacy and act on your behalf! You should only install scripts from sources you trust. If you are not comfortable with using a script from this site DO NOT PROCEED.
  3. After enabling TamperMonkey in your browser, install CEAC Helper script by clicking here. It should open a separate tab (shown below) where you can click "Install"
  4. Install user script
  5. Go to the CEAC Status Tracker page. TamperMonkey extension should indicate that a script is running.
  6. Working TamperMonkey
  7. Case number field should auto-populate after a second or two. If it doesn't and the script is running, please try reloading the page once.
  8. After clicking "Submit" (with a correctly solved captcha), the case number will automatically change.
In case it's not working, make sure you're running the latest version of the script (0.2.5). If not, update (as shown below).
Updating script
In case it's still not working shoot me an email (address on the left).